Monday, 19 March 2012

It seems that despite being full of good intentions I haven't got round to updating my blog for a couple of weeks.  So what have I been doing?  I have been making jewellery with Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires as I bought 2 lovely sets of stones from the Jewellery Maker Channel.  I have also had my first Jewellery Making Party which was a great success, but unfortunately there were no further bookings from that.  Some of the ladies who came were a bit apprehensive about it as they had never made anything before, but by the time they went home with a necklace and a pair of earrings they had designed and made themselves they were feeling very proud of themselves.
 I have also attended another Craft Fair, this time it was in the Inverclyde Sports Centre in Largs, on the 17th of March.  when I booked the table I thought this would be good as it was the day before Mother's Day.  However when Hubby and I went to find the place a couple of days before hand I discovered it is quite far out of Largs and not exactly somewhere you were likely to be passing and drop in to see what was going on.  My fears proved to be right as on the day it was very quiet and for the first time I did not sell enough to cover the cost of the table never mind my other costs.  However I did make a few more contacts, found out about a Craft Fair and Fun Day in June and got my details added to the database of a gentleman who organises Farmer's Markets and other such events, so I may get some more business out of it.
On the fun side of things I had a friend's children over for the afternoon before Mother's Day so that they could make cards and presents for her.  One made a fluffy dog keyring for her from fluffy balls and the other a door hanger that said Shhhhh Mummy's Asleep on one side and OK Mummy's Awake on the other.  Being relatively young they are of the more is more opinion so when it came to making cards my peel offs were well used, but at the end of the day I had 2 very happy children who could not wait for Mother's Day so that they could give Mummy her cards and presents.

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