Friday, 27 April 2012

I attended a fantastic workshop last night run by Business Gateway about Search Engine Optimisation so now my web site is under total reproduction with another web host.  Great idea, but remember all the trouble I had the last time, well it looks like it may be starting all over again.  I just hope I can remember all those lessons I had to learn the hard way have stuck in my brain.  I came home all enthusiastic and got started straight away, but by 1am my brain was fried so I went to bed and I will try again later today.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Some of my own jewellery

I thought I would show you some of the jewellery I have been making for myself recently.  I got fed up having nothing to wear when there was all that stuff in my boxes waiting to be sold, so I sat down and made a few things to go with my extensive wardrobe. The yellow set is honey quartz rice beads and chips with a carved honey jade rose pendant and is on 9ct gold plated on 925 sterling silver findings.  The turquoisy coloured set is glass beads on sterling silver findings.  This set drives my mother mad as she cannot cope with the asymetric necklace and odd earrings, but I like them as they are different and I am certainly never going to bump into someone wearing the same jewellery and I would be very surprised if I saw anything even similar.  The final set is wooden beads with large glass nuggets.  I have had the wooden beads for a while, they were part of a necklace I made a couple of years ago, but I never liked it as there were much larger wooden beads with it and I felt they were too big for me.

I spent the day at a Business Gateway training course yesterday, preparing my business plan and looking at basic marketing techniques.  they make it sound so simple, all I have to do is sell 90 units a month to make a liveable wage from the business.  ONLY 90 !!!! She then said you know that is only 3 a day.  In the past year I sold the total of 2 items from the website.  I did sell more through personal recommendation and the jewellery parties I did.  I have a friend who has more of my jewellery than I have and she is very good about  telling people that I made it when they admire her jewellery and then passing on my card so they can get in touch with me.  she really is a walking advert for my jewellery.